Problem Solvers. Inc.

Welcome, New Intern!

Problem Solvers Inc. is a unique training/internship opportunity for students in 7th grade at Madison Middle School.

This math class is run as if it were a consulting company with a strong commitment to recruiting and training interns. In this company, students (we call them Interns) develop their skills as problem solvers through projects, product development, and specific skill development.

Problem Solvers Inc. believes that the path to true success is by developing flexible problem solving skills and strategies as well as by becoming excellent communicators. Our goal is to support our interns in enhancing their current strengths, developing their mathematical communication skills, and expanding their repertoire of problem solving strategies.

True mathematicians use mathematics as a tool to solve interesting and relevant problems. Our world currently has incredible machines that can calculate and compute. What we need are mathematicians who can do much more than compute and calculate. We need a new generation of creative, flexible problem solvers.

Mission Statement/Motto

Multiple approaches, flexible strategies, excellent communication, exquisite/elegant solutions.

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